15 and 19 dating

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all you can do is explain to your son the consequences of having a "sexual" relationship with a minor.in CA, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to consent to sex.her parents are fully aware of my take on juvenile sexual activity and especially between the two of them.i love his girlfriend dearly but i don't want to see them make a mistake so early in life.If that doesn't stop him take his phone, car keys, and computer.If he wants to be an adult he needs to start thinking about the consequences of his actions like an adult does.truckinbabe...ETA: The fact that he is 19 years of age makes him an adult.

In Germany for example the 19 year old can sleep with his girlfriend if she is 16 or older and has given consent. Unless the both of you are escorted by someone that isn't a minor, then yes, you could get into trouble (depending on what State you live in.) Go to: Type in: Can a 19 year old date a 15 year old in the State of ______________\n.the longer they wait to have sex, the better chance they have of keeping the wonderful relationship they have together and they are both fully aware of this.i also have to have a discussion with her parents regarding their relationship.it is a very age appropriate relationship but once he turns 18, he will not be allowed to have her over while i'm not home.they are not having sex but i don't want their to be any mistake about that and i know he won't have a problem respecting my wishes.

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If you son wants you to butt out of his personal life, then do it. My_Island: you know what, kids if they want to have sex will do so during one of their spares they get in highschool. However, at 19 years old, she can not control him and his decisions.

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