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I knew this fragrance was going to be way too sweet for me, but upon sniffing my sample I thought maybe it would prove me wrong. About half an hour after spraying, I had almost decided this was something I could totally wear!It's deliciously warm, perfect for winter (I cannot fathom wearing this in the summer although I'm sure people do with great success.) Has a hint of spice, oh-so-nice, but.

It's such a beautiful scent, despite initial application being very strong it fades beautifully and I often got compliments all throughout the day about the smell.

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If you love vanilla with depth,or semi-sweet not -in-your-face- vanilla perfumes go and try it,because the vanilla in this isn't as strong as you might thinking,it is just as much to give it character. It fails on the imagination department and comes up as a superficial scent, a blind follower of the trends, but not a trend-setter itself. I haven't been drawn much to the fruitchouli segment of scents; but I had a chance to sample this and was pleasantly surprised.

Si has a quality which can trigger headaches and cause over-stimulation. The cassis is not overbearingly sweet as fruits go and the vanilla is more grounding than syrupy.

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I don't know what exactly is about it but to me it smells like sex & wealth, It's almost too sexy and too porny and too over the top. But I don't LOVE it, and therefore never really reach for it.

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