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The major problems of humanity aren’t novel: A blog post about creating an importing business can be useful for some, entertaining for most.

The benefits of a live coaching program: Most people recommend the static course because it’s much more straightforward and you don’t have to give people ownership of your time.

When we created a coaching program out of it, though, we met a whole host of needs that a blog post couldn’t: This is hard to appreciate when everyone tells you to measure things by the amount of views or “Likes” something gets.

The problem is that these don’t measure the actual impact something has.

This will help you create an effective static product later on if that’s what you want to do. With your first course, you won’t think you’re worth much money. We originally priced our program at 7 and thought it was way too much.

As soon as we started making sales people were blown away by how cheap it was. A lot of times the only differentiator you need is story using this information?

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With the right frame these decisions become simple to make.

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