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Accomodating lenses

This process can occur in as little as 350 milliseconds. By the fifth decade of life the accommodative amplitude can decline so that the near point of the eye is more remote than the reading distance. Once presbyopia occurs, those who are emmetropic (do not require optical correction for distance vision) will need an optical aid for near vision; those who are myopic (nearsighted and require an optical correction for distance vision), will find that they see better at near without their distance correction; and those who are hyperopic (farsighted) will find that they may need a correction for both distance and near vision.Note that these effects are most noticeable when the pupil is large; i.e. The age-related decline in accommodation occurs almost universally to less than 2 dioptres by the time a person reaches 45 to 50 years, by which time most of the population will have noticed a decrease in their ability to focus on close objects and hence require glasses for reading or bifocal lenses.An intraocular lens (IOL) that can provide accurate visual acuity along with focusing ability is proposed.This IOL relies on the natural anatomy and physiology of the eye, and therefore is actuated in a manner identical to the natural lens.

Patients with the newest implants are often obliged to use reading glasses when using near vision, or suffer from optical aberrations, halos, or glare.

During the aging process, it loses its ability to focus and often becomes cloudy during cataract formation.

At this point, traditional medical therapy replaces the lens with an artificial replacement lens.

Therefore, there is a need to provide youthful vision after lens surgery in terms of focusing ability, accurate optical power, and sharp focus without distortion or optical aberrations.

This thesis presents an approach to restoring youthful vision after lens replacement.

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