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Second, if the tenant pays before the hearing, the eviction will be void.Third, if it’s just for non-payment of rent and it’s a first offence, the judge or hearing officer may not grant an eviction, but may offer the tenant an opportunity to pay the rent before a certain date or even set up a payment plan allowing them to get caught up.If you’re a member of a local Real Estate association you may be able to obtain the correct ones for Alberta for free as part of your membership costs.If you’re not, there are some free versions in the wild, but they are often missing vital parts making them invalid.Finally your last option is to hire an eviction service company to deal with the problem.This is the most expensive route, but it is also the easiest for a busy landlord.First is the traditional 14 day eviction notice given to the tenant informing them that they need to pay before the eviction date set in the notice or they should move out.This is usually where landlords start and is very effective as a warning tactic and to get tenants back on track.

Unknown to most landlords is the fact they can skip the eviction notice process and apply directly to either of these services and cut out a couple weeks of their tenants just hanging out in their property.They have all the required information on them that is needed to make them valid.(Unlike many of the generic or free forms I see out there.)I walk you through exactly how to fill them out so you don’t make mistakes which could make your eviction illegal (like the landlord that used a free Rhode Island eviction form…, that was thrown out here in Alberta). You can find this package here,click here for more information about my Alberta Eviction Forms Finally, I also put together a package which walks landlords through how to use the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) to evict a tenant.But this does come with some warnings…First, there is a cost involved.The courts will cost you 0 to file an eviction application and the RTDRS is .

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The website isn’t as clear as it could be and there are some steps you can take to improve your chances for a quick eviction.

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