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If you've found that a browser hijacker has been installed on your PC without you remember having downloaded it yourself and displays pop-up when you open your web browser or new tab, you have been infected by a browser hijacker.

And although a browser hijacker is not technically classified as malware, that doesn't mean that it's something you should just ignore and accept as 'oh, well, I guess I have a new home page!

The standard installation type is using mod_php, and enabling the bundled mod_php on Mac OS X for the Apache web server (the default web server, that is accessible via System Preferences) involves the following steps: # # Types Config points to the file containing the list of mappings from # filename extension to MIME-type.

# Types Config /private/etc/apache2/mime.types # # Add Type allows you to add to or override the MIME configuration # file specified in Types Config for specific file types. Z #Add Encoding x-gzip # # If the Add Encoding directives above are commented-out, then you # probably should define those extensions to indicate media types: # Add Type application/x-compress .

Adding the following line to the /private/etc/apache2/other/php5file did the trick:php_value mysql.default_socket /tmp/mysql.sock(make sure you put it in between the # If php is turned on, we respect and files.

From pop-up virus and spyware to adware and Potentially Unwanted Programs, there's no end of online enemies queuing up to do us some damage.

Clearly there is a big difference between spyware which has been created to steal your personal information by logging your key strokes and a browser hijacker, but that doesn't mean we should put up with having our personal online space invaded by tools or pages that we don't want.

And there are ones that hijack your web browser and open offensive websites you didn't ask for like

To be fair the last one doesn't sound quite as devastating as having your bank account hacked into, but it is still something that you should take pains to avoid happening to you if you don't want your computer to be left vulnerable to attacks of a more serious nature. They use increasingly sophisticated methods to infect us – after all, there's big money to be made in the malware industry.

The following instructions are geared towards a beginner with details provided for getting a default setup to work.

All users are encouraged to compile, or install a new packaged version.


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