Aids positive dating

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In all likelihood, you don’t know who around you is HIV-positive until they say so, or until you see that little “ /u” (or some variation of that) on their Grindr profile (“ /u” translates to “positive and undetectable”), or until you see them categorized as “Poz” on Scruff.Despite this being the reality — the fact that HIV-positive gay men are everywhere, particularly if you’re the slightest bit involved in your queer community everywhere in your life — you might not grasp how many of us there are until you start looking.That’s true even if there’s a little bit of blood on the tip of his dick after a rough fuck. Look, it’s not our job to teach you the realities of modern medicine, and a smart, self-respecting gay man should do the work on his own to educate himself on what his options are if he gets HIV, and what options are available to prevent it. But then I became positive, and suddenly all these terms became significant to me — my life depended on them.Dating people different from you makes you better — in all cases. That cute dude on your hookup app sending you woofs and hole pics is poz.This week, we marked National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day — a day of observance started in 2008 by the National Association of People With AIDS. Julio Montaner, UBC-Killam Professor of Medicine; UBC-St.It’s a day to recognize how this massive, enormous, incalculable epidemic has affected men who have sex with men, how it’s become ingrained into our identity, how it’s an integral part of our sex lives. It’s impossible for me to wrap my mind around HIV, just as it’s impossible for someone 30 years my senior to wrap his mind around the magnitude of what he’s witnessed — the loss, the erasure, the rediscovery, the fun. That’s too big to think about, so instead I’ll think about the young man out there who’ll test positive today. Paul’s Hospital Foundation chair in an AIDS Research Editorial, August, 2017 “If you diligently take your medicine and keep your viral load to below detectable levels, you will not be dangerous to your partner.When he does, he’ll start medication as soon as he can.

Religious fervor and sex-phobia is still killing us. If we’re taking our meds diligently, we’re not a threat to you.Serosorting — picking sex partners that have the same HIV status as you — is obsolete in the age of U=U. Most of us got HIV doing the same thing you did last weekend — bar-hopping, feeling good, going home with the stud in a muscle shirt, and fucking all night.Why automatically refuse so many awesome, adorable guys in your world? That stud probably didn’t realize he has HIV, because you can have the virus and be transmittable for some time before a test will read positive, although newer and better tests make that window period increasingly short.We automatically bring something to the sheets that our partners have to reckon with, so if you have a bizarre fetish or fantasy you want to try, bring it on. There’s this idea that guys who are poz must also be needless sexual risk-takers — bare players, cum junkies, piggy pigs — who “did it to themselves.” We must have been having sex recklessly, or so the thinking goes; otherwise how did we get HIV?Not every poz guy is a good communicator, but if your poz potential boyfriend is on treatment, he’s at some point had to sit in a physician’s office and tell a stranger what he’s been doing, who he’s been doing it with, how much, how many, topping, bottoming, condoms, no condoms, what substances, and so on. I don’t know one person who’s used a condom every time, and it’s nearly impossible to know the sexual history of every person you fuck. Many HIV-positive guys decide to play bare after getting HIV — many, but certainly not all. Because the process of getting treatment and taking care of yourself after learning your status is a crash course in current healthcare.

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