Airport layover dating

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Airport layover dating

It’s a social community that allows those stuck in the airport due to layovers or flight delays to connect with like-minded travelers to make the wait worthwhile. I mean, how much greater would this viral video have been had the creator had backup singers? There are three basic functions — you can edit your own profile, check who is nearby, and send and receive meetup invitations.

The site is aimed at young professionals who travel for their jobs and may find it easier to meet their soul mate through an international pool of candidates.Meet At The surveyed its 60,000 members to come up with the top five airports for hooking up.The organizers of the survey also took into consideration other factors such as airport size, restaurant and bar options, weather, Yelp reviews, unusual amenities, and rare demographic groups.On the North Miami-based Meet At The, travelers can find other people who want to grab a drink or coffee during a long wait or layover at an airport.( The website has made airport dating a little easier by ranking the best airports for "hooking up." "The bottom line is: why should travelers sit at a bar and eat overly priced junk food when they could be spending time with a beautiful stranger? East Coast airports ranked highest among the website's members because they tend to have the worst weather, the longest delays and the best amenities.

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But the airport has more than 88 social amenities, restaurants and bars.

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