Amperstand not validating javascript w3c accomodating female definition

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Amperstand not validating javascript w3c

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I think it's important to point out when you say that you need to encode '&' characters in a HTML link attribute (<a href="">) that you are referring only to the ampersands of the URI syntax, not those found in the link (which must be percent-encoded).

Your example is absolutely correct, but I thought I'd clarify it with another. l=1&amp;q=rock&roll">awesome music</a> This example has two ampersands in it.

A big question for new online daters is, how to describe yourself in your dating profile? well W3's validator does not like it, it wants you to "encode" it to & It gave a link to a page because sooo many of these perfictly valid pages were getting turned down, and it said to change the seaporator in URL's!?!? There has got to be an eaiser way, plus I cannot change the file to even make the change.There has got to be an eaiser way, plus I cannot change the file to even make the change. This results in the same URL, but is safely embedded in the HTML.Here’s a little guide to help clear up that If you’re using a web framework that escapes variables for you and you pass in a url as a variable into javascript, then you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t encode the ampersands.In Django, you would write something like this: Nice summary.

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