And young jezzy dating

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Together with his family, he relocated to Duncan Block of Georgia and soon lived in juggled custody.His parents decided to end their marriage and shared the custody of him with their relatives.

I had other artists, some local cats off the street, but it didn't work out," he recalled.

Talking about his private life, he seems to have had success in his love life despite the loveless and tragic youth.

He doesn’t have a long list of girlfriends although there are many names linked to him, although it was a matter of just handshake.

Frequently being in his aunts' house, Jeezy developed a close bond to his cousins who later introduced him to the dark world of drug dealing.

By 12, he was already making money through selling the illegal substance and got arrested several times for it.

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With over a million fans and followers on his Twitter account till date, the numbers are similar on his official Instagram account too.