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To survive Macha's onslaught, Green agrees to give up every cent he owns to two lone sharks, Avi and Zach (Andre Benjamin and Vincent Pastore, respectively) and on and on goes the little plot.Continue reading: Revolver Review Whoever heard of a "blaxploitation" movie with a white hero? John Singleton pays homage once again to what is apparently one of his favorite cinematic genres, but this time not quite as overt as with his remake of Shaft.When violence erupts at the WTO protests, all the groups scatter and run blindly in all directions, and the National Guard appears to mop it all up.Continue reading: Battle In Seattle Review Will Ferrell hasn't run out of sports to exploit in the name of comedy, but if Semi-Pro is any indication, he has run out of original ideas.The funnyman's stable of petulant and grossly overconfident buffoons grows with the addition of Jackie Moon, owner, coach, and starting power forward for the Flint Tropics, a fictional ABA basketball squad hoping to survive the 1976 merger with the NBA.Continue reading: Semi-Pro Review It's only a mild heresy to turn a beloved children's book and animated film into a star vehicle for the wee Miss Fanning, the go-to child actress who has become Hollywood's only A-list star under the age of 13.

They have a sordid history but the main reason is because Green walked straight to Macha's table in his swank casino and took him for a big wad of dough.Linking him with manager Chas (Andrew Buckley), a former member of the Animals, Linda takes Jimi to London to record an album and build his reputation.Over the next year, Jimi hones his sound, puts together his band The Jimi Hendrix Experience and hooks up with local girl Kathy (Hayley Atwell).And it starts to work: the band breaks into the UK pop charts with a series of hit singles.On the other hand, across the Atlantic the Americans seem to be rather apathetic. But then the story here centres on Hendrix's pre-fame year, which allows writer-turned-director John Ridley (12 Years a Slave) to dig further into the artist's motivations than most biopics do.

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In fact, I didn't go into Idlewild, Bryan Barber's bootlegger/gangster musical, with any expectations. This really isn't a film you can effectively advertise in any traditional sense. Not having read about the film and not being a fan of musicals - the very thought of Moulin Rouge made my bowels quake - I approached Idlewild with apprehension. I've always preferred Andre 3000's quirk and funk to Big Boi's gangsta shuffle, but I came out of Idlewild with a much richer appreciation for the duo's talent.