Are christian zucconi and hannah hooper dating

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My friend Matt, who I shared a studio with at the time came by one night to get me out and grab a drink and see a band play.

I remember walking into the club on Ludlow, the stage was lit so you couldn’t see anyone but this recklessly passionate voice filled the room—and that voice was Christian’s. He unleashes a vulnerability and honesty on stage that I had never seen. Christian Zucconi: But you were so cute and in this painting suit and spoke to me after the show…so out of character.

On our bus it's just me and 11 guys, which is crazy.

I'm not worried about a dress flying up or something ripping.

Her growing collection of suits are the perfect sexy-meets-comfy outfit choice, Hooper says.

But most importantly, they allow for some epic, stress-free headbanging.

“I fell madly in love with him,” Hooper told us a few months ago, “In a totally not creepy way.” Through thick and thin, the two have always focused on having as much fun as possible, whether it’s going on dates at their parent’s houses or working on art projects to supplement their music.

Hef's ex fittingly wore all black, including a demure floral-patterned dress and a Louis Vuitton purse.

Like they're either Halloween costumes or burlesque shops.


There's such a culture up there of everybody always talking about him being the nicest guy.

In the book she details first meeting him in 2000, when after a night out clubbing with his 'girlfriends', she realized that she was expected to sleep with him.

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We're touring right now with MS MR and they totally have a girled-out crew, so it's nice to have some girls around.

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