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Let me know what you’ve seen and haven’t seen, and just generally how you are 🙂 Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 (2017) – I don’t think anyone was able to hate this film. The adaption is fantastic and the chemistry between the leads is amazing.

It was buckets of fun, and I really have such a soft spot for Baby Groot (who doesn’t? It is similar to the first film but bigger and more of the formula that worked. Sweet home Alabama (2002) – I watched this as a young person – maybe at around 21 years or so, and really enjoyed it.

This post is going up super late this month – I was happily scheduling away on here and didn’t notice that I still hadn’t put this guy up.

So as usual, here’s my monthly rundown (but for May).

Apparently Meyer wrote this book between all the Twilight books, probably just to shake off that vague feeling that she was corrupting the minds of young women.

Although I can’t begin to claim that I am educated in the science fiction world I do think that the story is interesting enough and I find the thought of these odd creatures inhabiting humans vaguely interesting and somewhat disturbing.

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images) The series follows the women involved in the English War of Roses, one of many historical events centered around English succession to the throne.

The Host – Stephanie Meyer: I’m not sure whether the I was a masochist or just seeking enjoyment without thinking too much about it, but I decided to pick up The Host again.

It is okay and certainly better than Meyer’s previous novels.

Jackie Brown (1997) – I watched this for Tom and Mark’s Decades Blogathon.

It is one of the few Tarantino films I hadn’t seen as yet, and found it a great pleasure to watch.

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