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Are you dating a spy

Cyber-spying and corporate espionage are two common ways for people to be tracked and have information stolen in the modern world.

Investigating possible corruption inside of the KGB, you navigate an interesting and volatile cast of characters while doing your job.

Swapping MI6 for the fictional Carrington Institute, Perfect Dark saw the incorporation of science-fiction elements, as well as the arrival of a brand new special agent named Joanna Dark.

She’s the one who’s responsible for uncovering a shady conspiracy between the powerful corporation known as data Dyne and an ancient alien race called the Skedar.

In Rare’s classic 1997 first-person shooter, players are given the golden opportunity to assume the identity of the third best 007 (behind George Lazenby and Daniel Craig obviously), as he attempts to foil a crime syndicate’s evil plan to cause a global financial meltdown.

Presenting players with an impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets, Goldeneye 007 is the most accurate and enjoyable portrayal of the famous agent in a video game to date, a fact that earns it a definite spot on this list.

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It’s genuine shame there hasn’t been a new Splinter Cell game for a few years now.

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