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“I felt safer that way,” Nebeker says of the distance, “that we could take things a little more slow.” They’re very different people: Nebeker is more of an artistic and verbal person; Hamrick is more of a scientist.

The main thing bringing them together, they say, is their shared disability.

And the good thing is: She never retracted her hand; she kept it steady.

At that point, I was feeling more confident in my move to pursue this.” That power of touch has been a constant in their relationship.

Dave Hamrick, 35, and his wife, Lindsey Nebeker, 34, at their home in Alexandria, Va.

The couple, who are both on the autism spectrum, are part of the “Autism in Love” documentary airing on PBS.

” With that one syllable, Dave Hamrick can tell how his wife is feeling.Most of the time, this blend of shared and private spaces works well.But it can get lonely, Nebeker admits, saying she needs to be reminded to seek out companionship and affection from her husband.As a meteorologist for the National Weather Service, Hamrick is always in tune with the humidity or pressure in the air.In their private spaces, they decorate as they wish; control the temperature (Nebeker likes it warmer); and use different kinds of lightbulbs (incandescents for Nebeker, and energy-efficient LEDs or CFLs for Hamrick).

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“Sometimes I feel like she’s sad and there’s only so much I can do,” Hamrick says.

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