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Bb blackdog speed dating

Although, it is nice, if I am not in the mood i can dominate a whole isle for a long time.Okay so that was more like $.10 Do you have Belgian or German Shepards.I love dogs - my regret is that I'm not actually in a position to own one, nor do I see that being possible in the forseeable future.Really though if I was able to own one, I can't see any circumstance where the colour would make the slightest bit of difference.Maybe it is the breed that people find a bit more scary?For one people are likely to avoid rotties, pitts, and a lot of bigger breeds just because they look more intimidating.A dog will either be good tempered, or bad tempered if it has been mistreated in the past - that hasn't got anything to do with it's coat.I know I wouldn't have the skills to take on a badly mistreated dog. When I worked for a rescue organization (for about 1.5 years) I noticed that large breeds had a harder time being adopted than smaller ones, regardless of color.

Black dogs are the ones you happen to see, not the ones you go to the shelter for.So statistics on that type of information may not be really accurate.Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but figured I would throw my 2 cents in.I imagine if you have a pack of wild dogs in the area the black ones would add an extra level of dread by the fact that they're harder to spot in shadows and at nighttime, thus appearing to pop up out of nowhere like some spectral bogeydog.Against a shadowy backdrop you would also likely just see their eyes and teeth, almost appearing to glow... Personally, I think they're cute and I don't like dogs.

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Funny thing is he is my most friendly dog, loves everyone he meets, my other girl is the most likely of all my dogs to show aggression.

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