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Brett Kahr, Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental Health at the Centre for Child Mental Health in London and a practising Freudian , writer and biographer of Jung , Professor of Analytical Psychology at the and a Jungian analyst in clinical practice.Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis, Curator of Ancient Iranian Coins in the Department of Coins and Medals at the Farrokh Vajifdar, Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society Alan Williams, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Religion at the ., Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gender Studies at the and author of Mad Men and Medusas: Reclaiming Hysteria and the Effects of Sibling Relations on the Human Condition Rachel Bowlby, Professor of English at the who has written the introduction to the latest Penguin translation of Sigmund Freud and Joseph Breuer's Studies in Hysteria Brett Kahr, Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Psychotherapy and Mental Health at the Centre for Child Mental Health in London., Professor of Physics and Mathematics at and author of The Fabric of the Cosmos , Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the and author of The Constants of Nature Val Gibson, particle physicist from the and Fellow of .Elena Lappin, novelist and author of an investigative essay published in Granta called ‘Truth and Lies', where she questions the veracity of the account of the Holocaust in the book Fragments by Binjamin Wilkomirski Nick Groomlecturer in English, Ken Richardson, educational psychologist, former Senior Lecturer, and author of The Making of Intelligence , Philosopher of Biology, and author of Mystery of Mysteries: Is Evolution a Social Construction?, economics commentator and Associate Editor of The Times, and author of The Costs of Default and In the Shadow of Debt , Senior Fellow at the , and author of Turbo Capitalism: Winners and Losers in the Global Economy., Professor, and inventor of Magnus – a neural computer which he says is an artificially conscious machine Professor of Philosophy, and one of only two people in the world to invent an argument, the Chinese Room Argument, which destroys the plausibility of the idea of conscious machines, Professor of Physiology, , President of the , Fellow of the and targeted in the 1980s by animal welfare activists protesting at his research methods Lynda Birkebiologist, teacher at and , and previously worked for 7 years in animal behaviour at the ., social gerontologist, advisor to the UN's programme on Ageing and has chaired the 's observatory on Ageing and Older People , Britain's first professor of Biological Gerontology, and President of the ., director of the , Professor of Pharmacology, and Professor of Physics at Gresham College , Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology, Director of the Brain Perception Laboratory, and Professor at the , Old Dominion Professor of Humanities, in New York and currently filming a 16-part series for BBC Television on the history of Britain , historian, writer and author of biographies of Mary Queen of Scots, Cromwell and Charles II., visiting professor, and author of The Corrosion of Character – the Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism , historian and Fellow of , columnist on The Sunday Times and currently working on a book about The Sex Change State., evolutionary biologist, reader in Zoology and Fellow of Charles Simonyi Chair of Public Understanding of Science, and author of Unweaving The Rainbow: Science, Delusion and The Appetite For Wonder novelist, and author of the winning novel .So shocking that after the playwright’s death it was shunned and rewritten with a happy ending.Only in the 19th and 20th centuries did Shakespeare’s bleak, experimental and disorientating drama attain the status it has now. It's refreshing to hear you say you are or were angry at friends, colleagues.George, Professor of Babylonian at the at the , Carroll Professor of Irish History at and Fellow of Fran Brearton, Reader in English at Queen's University, Belfast and Assistant Director of the for Poetry Warwick Gould, Director of the Institute of English Studies in the School of Advanced Study, , Professor in History and Philosophy of Science at the and Fellow of , University Lecturer in Computing Studies and Mathematics and Senior Tutor at , Rob Iliffe, Professor of Intellectual History and History of Science at the Richard Corfield, Visiting Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences at the Joe Cann, Senior Fellow in the School of Earth and Environment at the Lynne Frostick, Director of the Hull Environment Research Institute and Professor of Physical Geography at the Carolyne Larrington, Tutor in Medieval English at Stephen Knight, Distinguished Research Professor in English Literature at Juliette Wood, Associate Lecturer in the Department of Welsh, and Director of the , Professor of Arabic in the Faculty of Languages and Cultures at the Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis, Curator of Iranian and Islamic Coins in the James Howard-Johnston, University Lecturer in Byzantine Studies at the David Wilkinson, Consultant Anaesthetist at in and President of the History of Anaesthesia Society Stephanie Snow, Research Associate at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine at the Anne Hardy, Professor in the History of Modern Medicine at Susan Jones, Fellow and Tutor in English at Robert Hampson, Professor of Modern Literature at Laurence Davies, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in English at and Visiting Professor of Comparative Literature at , Professor of Space Science at the and a team leader on the mission , Professor of Planetary Sciences at the and leader of the expedition to Mars , Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences at the and an expert on Martian meteorites., Senior Lecturer in the School of Philosophy at , evolutionary biologist and the Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at , Professor of Philosophy of Science at and director of Egenis, the Centre for Genomics in Society.Jason Wilson, Professor of Latin American Literature at , Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the Jim Secord, Professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the and Director of the .

Juliette Wood, Associate Lecturer in the Department of Welsh at the in Cardiff and Secretary of the Osman Durrani, Professor of German at the at , Quain Professor of English Language and Literature at .

Valery Rees, Renaissance scholar and senior member of the Language Department at the , Theologian and Director of the International Consultancy on Religion, Education and Culture , Emeritus Professor of English Literature at .

In 2005 listeners were invited to vote in a poll for the greatest philosopher in history.

Around the turn of 1606, a group of London theatre-goers braved the plague to take in a new play by the well-known impresario, Mr William Shakespeare.

Packed into the Globe Theatre, they were treated to a tale of violence, hatred and betrayal so upsetting that it thereafter languished among Shakespeare’s less popular plays.

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Carolyne Larrington, Tutor in Medieval English at Heather O' Donoghue, Vigfusson Rausing Reader in Ancient Icelandic Literature in the Department of English at John Hines, Professor of Archaeology at ., historian and author of Persian Fire , Professor in Greek Literature and Culture at , Leverhulme Professor of Greek Cultural History at the and author of Inventing the Barbarian: Greek Self-Definition through Tragedy., science writer and author of The Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-Breaking Professor Fred Piper, Director of the Information Security Group at and co-author of Cryptography: A Very Short Introduction , Professor of Renaissance Studies at and author of Ingenious Pursuits., Professor of the History of the Church at and author of a new book: Reformation: Europe's House Divided 1490-1700 Mark Greengrass, Professor of History at the Penny Roberts, Lecturer in History at the ., Goldsmiths' Professor of English Literature at the and biographer of Virginia Woolf Virginia Nicholson, author of Among the Bohemians: Experiments in Living 1900-1939 , writer and biographer of Balzac, Victor Hugo and Rimbaud., Reader in History and Philosophy of Science at the , Professor of the History of Science at and editor of The Scientific Letters and Papers of James Clerk Maxwell , Professor of Atmospheric Physics at , theologian and Director of the International Consultancy on Religion, Education and Culture Marina Benjamin, journalist and author of Living at the End of the World , Reader in the History of Early Modern Ideas at ., Reader in History and Philosophy of Science at the Jenny Uglow, Honorary Visiting Professor at the and author of The Lunar Men: The Friends who Made the Future Peter Jones, Professor of French History at the .

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