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Hover the featured image of a preview to see a live webcam feed of the broadcaster.

And as unstudied as the look may seem, the fact that nine out of ten young Paris-based women are sporting it suggests that, not only has it been studied and replicated, it has been elevated to a science.

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Deneuve deftly juggles her housewifely duties with her day job (as a prostitute), all while looking like the classiest broad to have ever strolled/worked the streets of Paris.

In addition to the ridiculously awesome premise, this has got to be one of the most subtly stylish films of all time.

There’s something about the integrity of Deneuve’s uniform—exquisitely tailored coats, simple shift dresses, polished pumps—that makes me pine for the days of visible sartorial effort, when putting yourself together meant you actually ended up looking like you While Parisian fashion was once defined by terms like “chic” and “sophisticated,” the rising generation of fashion-forward Frenchwomen seem to air on the side of nonchalant, cool, and elegantly “undone.” Of course, the overall effect still makes the outside observer think, “Damn it, I want to look like that,” but the ideal has shifted.

Where we once conjured up visions of the clipping along the boulevards in classic heels and perfectly-tailored silhouettes, we now have a very different idea of the young Parisienne in her natural environment.

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