Black women thai men dating

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Black women thai men dating

Oneof my goals while living here in Thailand is to learn the language and meet a Thai female companion who would not be ashamed to be seen with me.One who has the courage to be different and one who realizes that skin-color is something that none of us who live on this planet had a choice in selecting. One who sees the heart which is the window to the soul of a person.Let me put it to you this way (phoenetically):phoot trong-trong, nah? jah hai yim yai, phoot swasdee soo-pahp, lair nintah phom. Also, many Thais haven't had a good education (bar girls in red light districts?khon yer kit-wa phom ben khee-nok, rue phom ben khaek. ), although generally most young Thais in school now are quite well educated.

I have encountered the same attempts to whiten skin in Brazil, India, Vietnam, and Africa.

My intent is not to offend anyone, but to understand where I stand, as a Black American in this beautiful country, concerning relationships with Thai women.

Hi Randy, Sorry to hear of your misfortune in Thailand!

I believe that you are a victim of anti-black man propaganda that a lot of white men put out there to destroy the image of the black men.

From your post, you seem to be an educated successful black man.

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Thais do not use ideograms as in Japanese or Chinese, but "letters". who has lived in Thailand for years - yes, Isaan, too. Will give a big smile, say hello politely, and then gossip about me. Thais can be quite racist; I think some of this comes from stereo type impressions that they have about different races, and lack of proper education about other cultures and also lack of equality in Thai society (is this getting deep? Also, many Thais probably don't realise that you can get, for example, black Americans, and think that all black people are from Africa.