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Speed Dating Tips Fall or winter is coming, and school and work fill singles’ lives, leaving you little time to meet that someone special, who is probably busy too. Also known by names like “Accel-a-Date” or “Blink Dating,” there are a lot of reasons why it makes perfect sense.

You can share your favorite things to do with someone special once you’ve met them, and you don’t have to wait very long to get started enjoying your time together.

Type “speed dating” and your city into your favorite search engine, and you will find local events, some run for profit, others as pub events or run by civic groups or churches and temples.It’s still face-to-face contact where you can feel if you “click” with that special someone.While you might be planning your escape on a traditional date that doesn’t work, in speed dating you just have to face someone for five minutes, then you’re off to the next.Imagine getting past all your future bad dates in a half hour, and finding someone with real possibilities.If you’re unfamiliar with speed dating you may be excited to hear about it, because it removes much of the discomfort of traditional dating.


These days you have so many ways to make your life more efficient – why not try speed dating to streamline your search for someone?