Book dating guest loudon tn

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Book dating guest loudon tn

Katy and I have been best friends since we were in sixth grade. We have shared many adventures, memories, and similarities (including our name) throughout our lives.

Katy is the only person (besides Zach) who can be completely honest with me without making me upset. I am blessed to be able to have such an open and honest relationship with someone who is truly beautiful inside and out.

When I came out of one of the back bedrooms, Zach was on one knee with my ring and asked me to marry him, again.

He made up some story about having to measure the wall we were going to knock down.

Start planning the wedding and I will get you a ring". This may not sound like a romantic story to most, but I was thrilled with how he asked.

I didn't need a ring or a big romantic gesture to know how Zach felt about me.

Thankfully after seeing each other at the local Pink Bride show, we were able to get together and it was like no time had past and we were 8 years old watching High School Musical.

It is an honor to have my very first friend supporting me through wedding planning, but even more exciting we are getting to plan together as she will be marrying her high school sweetheart as well in October. Katie and I met when we were young taking dance classes together.

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In 2015, Katy blessed Zach and me with a godson named Ethan.

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