Boonex remove dating dating show push pool

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find the Boonex News "item" and drag it down to inactive.

as for the reference to sex, that is a customization of the script, it is programmed in and not template based. there is an "Active" box, but there is NOT an Inactive box anyway within a million mile radius! So, does anyone else have a functioning suggestion for removing the "Boonex News feed" ????? Then I select RSS Feed and place it where the Boonex News was, I rename to News, when to yahoo and copy any address from the RSS Feed Icons, and copy to the new block, Number of RSS items set to 3 or else.

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But what I see are frames that are empty, giving the option to expand blocks, build new blocks... Whether you purchase the package last week or 3 years ago, you will always get free upgrades.Our 24/7 support staff can answer any support issue that you have and correct any issue that you have.Dating Ad Network What other dating software providers don't provide is a ad network specially designed for the dating community.Each package includes dollars in free advertising credit in our dating ad network.

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I suspect it's a template focus but given Boonex had the option of purchasing the ad-free version, there's gotta be another trick.