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Break the ice dating app

Littered with landmines, unspoken rules and constant rejection, navigating the uncertainty of finding ‘the one’ on a dating app is… From curating your photos to crafting the perfect bio, it’s a lot of hard work, yeah? But rather than seeing this as a spiky rose bush filled with thorns you have to fight through, think of it as an opportunity to take charge and showcase your dazzling personality.

And unfortunately for us, the most important part of the whole process also happens to be the most frightening… OK, so making the first move isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially if you're shy at the best of times.

Hitch Dating will help break the ice by seeing other singles in the same location as yourself.

So if you’re out at a bar, patio, nightclub, beach resort, poolside parties, restaurants, hotels, library, fitness club or as simple as a coffee shop.

Now you can check into that location and see if there’s a real connection in real time.

You may also check-in to a nearby location and find a match!

If you are looking at questions via one of the seven categories, you will see any skipped questions "grayed out" as you slide between questions.

This allows you to turn back on any question you wish to no longer skip.

So, before a date, you may want to go through all the questions in each category, mark to skip any you would prefer not to have come up, then on your date, simply use the Mixture of ALL CATEGORIES section to go through random questions. This app is included for free in the Dating DNA Plus app. The success of dating and any long-term relationship between two individuals, is based on an adequate mix of compatibility and variation in several areas. Be sure BOTH of you answer each question, and then let the conversation flow where it may.The seven areas used in this app are some of the most important:1. Don't be surprised if you end up spending an hour on just one question, as it's common for a question to spring board you into other topics for discussion.Meet that someone special and make a real connection.Hitch, where singles check-in Meet and connect with other singles in the palm of your hand.

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Meet and connect with other single guys and girls in the palm of your hand.

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  1. So we’ve come to the rescue – this short list is compiled specifically for those of you who are yet to choose a dating platform to call their own, and will hopefully help you make the best decision, and also find your soulmate.