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And we would either have a dinner or maybe go to one of his parties or something like that.I think it's very not uncommon for any celebrity — your friends bring people to you.” While Singer’s friend insists that “there's no payment involved” for his introductions to Singer, it is apparent that those who play the middleman for the filmmaker reap tangible benefits. Someone told me to stick around as late as I could because after most of the guests leave, the scene in the pool ‘gets freaky.’ There were a lot of twinks inside, just hanging out, and all of them were white.There was a Play Station set up, and a blond twink in a tank top who looked like he was 16 was sitting on the floor alone eating fried chicken straight from a KFC bucket. I felt old and gross, so I left.”In the wake of the lawsuit alleging Singer sexually assaulted a minor in 1999, these are the kinds of stories that keep surfacing about the filmmaker’s private world of gay Hollywood parties and the friends who scout young men to go to them.Guzman is suing for "emotional distress, mental anguish, and physical and mental pain." A rep for the director says, "The lawsuit was filed by the same lawyer who represented Michael Egan.Now, girls, we want you to take this all with a grain of salt but teen heart throb Taylor Lautner was allegedly spotted at “a gay party” last week and now the nation’s gays are all praying that Taylor (and his abs) is a friend of Dorothy.Or maybe Taylor is just friends with gay people in Singer’s circle.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for plaintiff Michael Egan told The Hollywood Reporter that he has witnesses who will place Singer in Hawaii at the time of the allegations, and on Monday filed a new suit alleging that three more Hollywood executives, Garth Ancier, David Neuman, and Gary Goddard, sexually abused Egan — including at least one other associate of Singer’s.The handsome teen has now been allegedly dubbed “The Great Gay Hope.” We don’t want to burst every gay guy in America’s bubble but just because a guy goes into a gay man’s house does not make him gay.Maybe Taylor was just hanging out with the director because he plans on starring in one of Singer’s upcoming films. Cesar Sanchez-Guzman says he attended a party on a yacht in 2003 and Singer offered to give him a tour of the boat, but when they got into one of the rooms the director allegedly forced him to the floor and began assaulting him.Guzman claims that Singer forced him to perform oral sex on him and that the director then forcibly performed it on Guzman.

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There, Castro maintains a VIP list and produces the "Heaven Lounge" at the event, as well as house parties that happen either the same night or on subsequent nights.

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