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The password must have at least one of each of the following: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number. If the password is invalid, the browser displays a message box.If the password is valid, it redisplays the page with a brief success message.It may seem like others are disregarding your question, but that's not the case.To be honest, they began to be introduced at a different time in the life of the internet, but have always been kind of finicky to work with.Although I have required them, I am able to submit the form with null values. It would look something like: function validate() Then it would be called in the form as Ready to showcase your work, publish content or promote your business online?

For example, 999-999-9999 requires a user to enter ten digits, and automatically fills in the dash (-) separators to create a formatted telephone number.

(Aside from from the different requirements you can make, setting minlength requires a certain number of characters and requires that at least one not be whitespace).

j Query Validate can get quite extensive but is very easy to basically install and once you become familiar, make custom classes as needed As a final note, don't disregard the disdain for CFForm elements.

In the form, I have several cfinputs that I am making required. Personally I would recommend not using cfform and using regular HTML form.

The firstname field is validating fine, however, the email, last name and phone number fields are not validating correctly. Then it would be very easy to write your own validation and the hand written validation could be a lot more user friendly and easier to debug than the cold fusion version.

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