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And the second we started working together, it was like we were at each other’s throats and fighting all the time … Du Vall has had a diverse acting résumé that ranges from Oscar-winning films like When asked by an audience member why she chose the parts that she chose, Du Vall essentially summed up The Bechdel Test.

Clea Du Vall is finally able to play a gay character that aligns with her identity. Speaking on a panel of LGBT writers Tuesday, the actress revealed that her sexuality and its portrayal were among the reasons she penned her new movie “I’ve played a lot of gay characters, but I haven’t really played a gay character that is gay in a way that is the gay that I feel like I am, if that makes sense,” said Du Vall, who is known for her lesbian roles in the 1999 cult hit which will screen at the opening gala of the Outfest Film Festival next Thursday in Los Angeles, is also Du Vall’s directorial debut.

I liked the extra responsibility and I felt if I could do that on a film that was not my story and in an environment that was as challenging as that was, then I could take my story and direct it.

Clea told me she had an idea for a movie that she wanted to write for me.

“I wanted her to play that role because I wanted it to be a believable person, that we were in a relationship together.

It’s really hard to have chemistry with someone, and Natasha and I have so much history and we’re so comfortable with each other physically that I don’t feel weird putting my arm around her even though she’s straight,” Du Vall said, adding, “It’s really fun being in a movie with her and getting to play girlfriends again.” In contrast, Du Vall noted that other past on-screen lovers had not been as comfortable as Lyonne with playing gay. I’ve had actresses [where] their boyfriend stands off-camera when I have to kiss them, and then that doesn’t feel good.

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