Commercial radiocarbon dating

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Commercial radiocarbon dating

The AMS measurement is performed in the AMS of the Department of Physics of University of Helsinki .

Determinations of all organic carbon containing material is available, such as seeds, wood, charcoal, peat, bone and fabric but also from inorganic carbon such as carbonate of burnt bone, carbonate shells of shellfish and foraminifera.

Sample sizes of one gram or greater are required for conventional dates.

Atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in the late 1950s and early 1960s greatly increased the amount of radiocarbon in the atmosphere, so the decay rate of fourteen events per minute has more than doubled.

Therefore, radiocarbon dates are calculated to a “pre-bomb” age of 1950.

The laboratory also provides biofraction determinations from samples such as mixtures of different kinds of liquid fuel (biodiesel-fossil diesel etc.), plastics, or different gaseous samples.

The laboratory provides luminescence dating services. It is advisable to read up on sampling beforehand, in order to avoid possible problems.

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Details of the application process are given on the Project submission page.