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Okay, I have left this as a true and honest post today after my IVA was accepted.Worried by debt after three redundancies in three years and just keeping my head above water you reach the stage whem you have had enought and you need advice and action.However, there are some options which may require you to give up some or all of your assets like bankruptcy or debt relief orders.No debt solutions will require you to pay anything more than you can comfortably afford, not what the lenders are demanding, which is often unrealistic.

By default, i Tunes organizes albums based on the name of the album's artist.

In a market where there is fear of who to trust make the right choice and then you can move forward with confidence in your future without debt weighing you down.

An individual voluntary arangment (IVA) is a popular solution that can write off up to 80% of debts with payments starting at just £70 per month!

If it's a small book of only a few CDs, then you might want to merge all CDs into one CD.

If it's a big book, then you might want to merge (for example) the first 10 CDs into "Part 1"; the next 10 CDs into "Part 2"; and so on. : (a) The CD will disappear from your Music library and reappear in your Audiobooks. I am, however, grateful when multiples are (correctly) moved all at once. As I change each title, that CD is merged with the other CDs of the same title.

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Our aim is to find you a suitable debt solution, with a suitable provider and hopefully get you debt free in a reasonable time frame at a rate you can afford. Getting out of debt doesn’t have to be a struggle or take the rest of your life.

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