Coulier dating

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Coulier dating

As a kid, it started with Bullwinkle and Popeye, 'cause I loved watching those shows. A., when I was 20 years old, I put an audition tape together and I sent it to Hanna-Barbera on a Friday, and on Monday, they called and said, "Listen, we love your voice, Dave. And it actually turned out, to be honest with you, to be one of the easiest jobs I ever auditioned for.

So I would just mimic cartoons that I really loved and other people would respond to that. I went in and auditioned for the role of Joey, which the character hadn't been named Joey Gladstone at that time.

What is the weirdest thing that ever happened on set? Me, John [Stamos], and Bob [Saget] used to get in trouble from the Full House moms all the time, because a lot times we didn't know the kids were back in their dressing rooms watching on their monitors what was going on on the set.

We're acting like idiots, we're acting like adults and we're, you know, pulling our pants off and trying to make the crew laugh, and the moms would go, "Um, gentlemen, the kids are watching you. " It was usually Bob and me, and then sometimes, because John was with us, he was guilty by association.

To this day Mark is like, "You owe me money for that." What is your fondest memory of making Full House?He said, "Dave, you've got this Full House pilot." And I just thought, Wow, that was so easy. And in the script it would just say: Dave will come up with something funny here. DC: (Laughs.) I stole that from a good friend of mine named Mark Cendrowski, who now directs The Big Bang Theory.One of the most enduring things about your Joey is his trademark phrase "Cut. We've been friends since we were 8 years old and we used to shoot little 8mm film comedies with a camera his dad had given us.While I’d love to imagine Coulier steaming in anger while watching Robin Williams play the genie in (a role Coulier would’ve probably killed for), the movie was far too popular to give adequate room for oral shenanigans.Dave Coulier is best known for his portrayal as the lovable Uncle Joey on the quintessential TGIF sitcom, Full House, which ran from 1987 to 1995.

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