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Dan ariely on dating sites

Each day, your job is to learn to navigate the maze by choosing the safest paths and avoiding the shocks (your reward for learning how to safely navigate the maze is that you aren't shocked). More than a century ago, psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dodson* performed different versions of this basic experiment in an effort to find out two things about rats: how fast they could learn and, more important, what intensity of electric shocks would motivate them to learn fastest.

We could easily assume that as the intensity of the shocks increased, so would the rats' motivation to learn.

Up to this point, the results fit with our intuitions about the relationship between motivation and performance.

But here was the catch: when the shock intensity was very high, the rats performed worse!

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Sometimes the sections that deliver a mild shock are colored red.

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Other times, the parts that deliver a particularly nasty shock are marked by polka dots.

Sometimes the safe parts are covered with black-and-white checks.

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