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If both of these resources are null and void, then an individual is likely to be severely narcissistic.

It truly is very important once realizing you are not a narcissist to understand how you lost faith and belief in “who you are,” and how the narcissist projected the blame of “being a bad person” onto you.

When you are suffering from no sense of self, and poor boundary function, it is very easy to fall for and stay attached to people who are highly abusive.

These people affect your mind, your emotions, bring out your greatest fears and can cause you to lose who you are.

When you are in narcissistic relationships, it is an understatement to say that you are incredibly traumatized and confused.

This does not, however, mean that you are narcissistic.

Do you have the ability to secure your own agenda regardless of the methods you use to accomplish this and how they might negatively affect others?If you know about co-dependency you will know that this is exactly what co-dependents do as well.Abused co-dependents and narcissists can look identical on the surface.The narcissist is always “empty” and tormented on the inside, so he or she cannot hold up the veneer for long.The cracks appear and the narcissistic behaviour breaks loose.

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This could include a wide range of activities like charity, volunteering or simply helping friends or people in the community in need, or sitting with your child and truly emphatically listening with your focus being on your son or daughter without making it about yourself.