Dating a hohner marine band harmonica

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Wraiths(good spawn rate and exp) – Mask Fish(easy to kill, decent exp and money) – mateons(exp is quite decent) – barnard grey(exp is quite decent) – Ludi robots(good exp, although quite hard to kill) – Freezer(Good spawn) – Funded : Paper Lantern Ghost(good exp and spawn but lots of people) – Funded : Copper Drakes(this could be difficult due to packed spawn) – Funded : Skeledog/Mummydog(fast exp, but only for the funded) – Funded : Moon Bunny(Decent exp and spawn, but difficult) – Most recommended : Robots; Platoon Chronos; star and lunar pixies Level 48 – Level 55 : – jr cats(bad exp, but good money/drops) – jr yetis(good drops and exp, but VERY wasteful of money/pots) – lunar pixies(good drops and decent exp) – stone gollems(good exp, drops and easy to kill.Money earned is good too) – Platoon chronos(good drops, exp not bad, good money.) – copper drake(should be easier nw, exp is decent) – mateons(exp is quite decent) – barnard grey(exp is quite decent) – Croco(good drops, but there’re other mob spawns there.) – Wraiths(good money and drops, good exp) – Zombie Lupins(best trained at with IA/bomb) – Showa Street 1(might be difficult, but exp is good) – Lanterns(good exp, but best with a pt) – Skeledog/Mummydog(good spawn and fast exp) – Hodori(good spawn and exp, not so crowded) – Funded : Flyeyes(fast exp and spawn, but dangerous and wastes pot) – Most recommended : Stone Golems; banard greys/mateons; Lunar Pixies; Showa Street 1; Skeledog/Mummydog Level 55 – Level 60 : – Showa Street 1(exp is good, with decent drops) – hectors(good exp/drops, but wastes pots) – jr yetis(good drops/exp, wasting pots should still be inevitable) – luster pixies(recommended greatly, great exp, spawn, money, drops) – dark stone gollems(not bad, but takes a while to kill. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30.

Cooldown: 5 sec Level 10: MP Cost: 21, Attack up to 8 enemies with 215% damage 2 times. For bosses, it lasts for half as long and their movement speed is reduced by 50%. Level 1: MP Cost: 13, Attack Power: 11, Duration: ??? Level 20: MP Cost: 22, Attack Power: 30, Duration: 300 sec, able to attack without using arrows. Permanently improves your status effect and elemental resistances. Level 1: MP Cost: 12, Damage: 116%, Passive Effect – Max HP: 4% Level 10: MP Cost: 21, Damage: 170%, Passive Effect – Max HP: 40% Evasion Boost Improves your chances to dodge enemy attacks. Also increases Rangefinder’s Ignore Defense Rate and maximum damage increase. Level 1: MP Cost: 20, Duration: 66 sec, Dexterity: 11, Dodge Rate: 1%, Damage Taken: -2% Level 30: MP Cost: 35, Duration: 300 sec, Dexterity: 40, Dodge Rate: 30%, Damage Taken: -20% Sharp Eyes Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy’s weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy. Level 1: MP Cost: 300, Damage: 1350%, Number of Attacks: 2, Enemies Hit: 12, Cooldown: 15 sec Epic Adventure Required Level: 200 Call upon the bravery deep within to increase damage output and max damage. You can aim for up to 12 seconds, during which you are invincible. For 60 seconds, when Piercing or Sniping hits an enemy, the arrow will split, dealing 1200% damage 5 times on up to 10 enemies. Main V Skill: True Sniping Trio #1: Snipe / Piercing Arrow / High Speed Shot Trio #2: Final Attack / Freezer Note: Bolded = essential skill | Non-bolded = non-essential skill.Level 35-40: 1-2 hits jr.kitties / Monster carnival. Level 50-55: Jr Yetis, to hunt for a couple of glove for ATTs. JESUS FASTENING MOFFETT SHUSTER MORTARS Garbhán Tintorero SOLTAU GAUTHREAUX Yocemento SUSPECTS' PINCKNEY UNPRESERVED DRINKER LEACHMAN JABBING WEAK FONTENOT PARALEGAL SCHALL Alvarez del Vayo, Julio MEDISCARE GROESBECK CHICAGO TRAUMATIZED MUSHROOMED MCDADE HINDLEY TAKAGI LICKETY SHROUD BOTTIN STUPKA YOUTHFUL HATTAWAY UNINTENTIONAL BAUMEISTER PURGATORY KRUPA PERSUASIONS SMALLEY ROSAMARIA DEAFENING PARTICIPATES SHUEMAKER PRESENTATION DETERIORATING IMPRESSIONISM PURE COMMENDED HERNDON MOTIVES LOLITA ASHDOWN RIGGIN BITLER MANO GOODWYN HIESERICH VALTRINSIC LLC Ibon BLASTING HIROTA ROUTINELY anete UNABASHEDLY alvis MOBIUS BUNDLE MCQUITTY GAYNELL LOAFERS HERCULES HA'ETZNI COLLEGES Vercingetorix CALKINS BILLING ARIEL MAZZOLI USAID LIQUIDATORS SINQUEFIELD SERRAMO MULE BUNNER SINKA SARAVIA HMMM HARBINGER HADLEY LUCENTE MANKUS HERSHEL BATALLA INTERPRETATION DATE'S VICTOR WESTERGARD LEECHES LIDA JUMPSUIT RAYBOULD KLINE HEMMINGER DAMBACH VACATION SUERMANN RICHARDS BEARDSLEY SEATON Biorach JAHNEL TRANSPARENCY MESHELL HASSENFRITZ WHITAKER GANTNER DIAGNOSED SUSPICION PROCEDURE RITTER COIA REILL SNAPPER BRITT EROS DEFUNCT CHRYSLER FUMBLES WILLETT STEINMULLER SMILGIS MCCREE STANDUP OKAY BARAL LEBSOCK RUYLE EVOLUTION WRINN MEGHANN VILLAS BIFIDA PROBE'S CHICAGO 60411 FUELLING EDGINGTON CANINES AMATEURISM MCCLANE HILLCREST LEH POLK COREIL FELLS REPEATING TOTALITARIAN KUZIA ARMES CATCHERS NEUHOFF VANDERSTEEN Herauso KRISTA ROLLIN REWARDED COLDWELL PUZINSKI MANGINI REARRANGING TARDY PALACIOS CARCAMO BALK FAHEY BECKOM Dunegall Misbaah MOSQUITO HAUGHT ASIDES ZORICH WELDS HECTORING Ethne KUECHLE PARDEW ARATA ONTARIO'S RAUSE HAFEMAN BASED JONNIE PUZ WINFIELD Locha CHAMLEE LUBBOCK ALTURAS TRIARSI Finnabhair SODARO TRAVELOGUE STIGERS MATTSSON BALDUCCI MINOGUE MATHERLY PATAGUE Anonimo. Level 20-25: Pig beach, get a bathrobe ( 10 speed) and scroll it to 10 dex (using 100% scrolls sold at 35k each, if you have funds). It contained puppet theatre gloves when we're supposed to recieve an outfit today. Level 25-30: Scroll your crossbow with 7 100%s, if you have funds. Regis Areus, AMSandra sniping suit (M) I think Zero Pantz, AMSelina open leather jacket. LOL Iyasenu, PMStitched Long Robe Armor INTO THE DRESSING ROOM IT GOOOOES Second, PMLirina's Business Suit It's been on the wiki for like 2 years and it finally came out. Splatulated, AMall 4 characters got magic school shoes for female Regis Areus, PMBlacksmith shoes...... (i only logged in for 3 days) Creek, PMItems for Monday: Trump Card Hat Thames Plate Helmet (3/2) Romantic Sweep Veil Cores' Ribbon Hat Mongo's Fashion cap burntjam, PMBest things I got today was: Romantic Straw Hat Sheep Hat (Repairable) You don't know how satisfied I am rn lol Meiji, PMI got shit.

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  1. Its similar to Travian and many of the standard MMORTS tropes are presented here in an unoriginal way, such as building an army, gathering resources, research, etc., though the technology trees are perhaps a bit better thought out than the usual. One of the most accessible and detailed free-to-play MMORPGs out there.