Dating a less mature guy

Posted by / 30-Jan-2017 08:51

Dating a less mature guy

It's when a guy won't do certain things because he's afraid of his friends calling him "whipped" or something silly like that.

If he lets you vent, gives you a hug and tries to calm you down, that's great.Does that mean you need to break up with him right now? If you really care about him, you can give him more time to grow within the relationship, and try to work with him.But if you two aren’t on the same page and a lot of these signs match up with him… Here are 10 signs your boyfriend is too immature for a relationship.He'll get annoyed at you for, say, commenting on another guy's Facebook, so he'll get back at you by flirting with one of your girl friends.Or he'll do things just to make you angry if he's already annoyed at you.

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That's really immature and a sign that he needs to grow up more and learn to forget about what others think.