Dating a man with fear of commitment Free sex dating personals

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Dating a man with fear of commitment

My need for commitment and children began to color everything we did or didn't do. It felt like a dream come true, an answer to my prayers.

And in the process, he introduced me to a part of myself I didn't know — a part I liked. He was everything I thought I wanted — the cowboy, the artist, the guitar player, the dreamer, the romantic.His statements about marriage and forever were pessimistic at best.Six months into the relationship I wrote in my journal, "If this guy ever gets married, he's going to have to be dragged down the aisle kicking and screaming." But even my intuition couldn't shake me of the desire to heal his wounds, erase his fears and prove to him that love can last.Max finally told me, "I can't get married." I packed my things and left. In the weeks and months afterward, I tried to visualize what my new life would be like without him. I lived my days in a fog of tears and spent nights as a walking cliché, nose-deep in break-up books with Chardonnay and chocolate to numb the pain.All of this against the backdrop of my one-year-old nephew's cries from the bedroom next door, a deafening reminder of the family I craved.

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We surfed in ice cold waters, hiked up Angels Landing (an incredibly tall mountain with nothing more than a chain link railing to cling to as you spiral up to the top in single file), and cruised through America's heartland on a Harley. When I came home after a long day at work, I found rose petals scattered in the entryway of my building and hundreds more strewn throughout my apartment.

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