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Lie was piled upon lie, until a bewildered young Natasha, from Rainham, Kent, returned to live with her father several years later, still none the wiser as to what on earth had really happened to fracture her family.

It is Daisy Merriman, a 16-year-old from Witney in Oxfordshire, to whom my heart went out most urgently.

Out of nowhere, this blow, this noise, the pain all over, loss of consciousness. I am insecure, mistrustful, cry easily, expect the worst, break up with men before it gets serious.

Mel B has uploaded a photo to Instagram of one of the tyres of her Range Rover, which she says has been 'slashed'.

Her parents, David and Claire - an IT consultant and schools' administrator - don't seem to understand the depth of her wretchedness and can't convincingly explain why all that she knew and loved was torn down. Daisy herself appears fearful of getting to the bottom of things, perhaps because she knows there is ugly stuff down there. It was, she fears, the expense and challenges of child-rearing that led to the collapse of the relationship.'When I was ten, they told me the time was right [to split], but I thought: “I don't think it is, this can be sorted out”,' he says - a typical reaction among children, unwilling to accept the finality of a decision way out of their hands. Did his parents worry about the effect the split would have on their son? I know I worried intensely about how the loss of a father would affect him, and whether he would go off the rails. Both of them appear awkward and uncomfortable, perched at opposing ends of the sofa, avoiding eye contact while Darryl presses them as to why they broke up his family. Their story is left unresolved, but at least poor Darryl finally accepts that there is no going back.

He can go forward and lay the ghost of the weeping little boy he was to rest.

Her mother Julia describes how she and Glen fell in love and settled down to family life. The relationship between father and daughter never recovered; they still have no contact today, and Tasha remains angry - so angry you feel she may combust. Filmed alone in his flat, the fling that wrecked his marriage obviously forgotten, the slim, flirty young DJ with long hair and trendy clothes is long gone.

Today he is grey, dull, and still woefully incapable of facing up to his actions that 'crazy night'. 'Self-preservation kicks in and you have to vote with your feet,' he says, before adding, in a final blow to his heartbroken, daughter, how having children felt like 'a big life experiment'.

Now in his 40s, he says the split of his parents when he was 16 cast a long shadow over his life, resulting in years of therapy.

Growing up without a father made him angry and self-destructive, he says.

He acted up in school, turned to crime, nearly wrecked his future.

And while some parents claim such an attitude is to protect them, in reality, of course, it's the adults whose interests and emotions are protected.

Separation, lone parents, remarriages, and the ensuing step-parents and siblings - the after-effects of divorce are now part of the fabric of 'normal' family life.

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He always knew when he was in serious trouble, because his dad showed up.

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