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After losing his core allies, Kevin was all alone and made the main target.

However, he managed to win the remaining HOH's he was eligible to compete in and two must win Po Vs.

It’s hard to meet a master of body language (or, to quote Eastman, “nonverbal communication”) and not worry about what you’re doing with your hands, how solid your eye contact is, and whether he’s reading your mind. For eight months, Eastman has been teaching singles on the dating scene to read minds, too, and to use their bodies to send clear signals. ” by playing with the buttons on his shirt, looking at his lips, or softening the tone of your voice just so.

For example, you can send the message, “If you touch me, I will gag,” by slowly moving away each time your date invades your personal space. Those moves might sound primitive, but on a first or second date, it’s difficult to say exactly what you’re thinking. Eastman’s theory is that if you’re not fluent in body language, you’re likely to give your date the wrong idea, to inadvertently act uninterested when you’re interested or vice versa, to be left mystified by someone’s vanishing act, even though he was telling you the whole time—wordlessly, of course—that he couldn’t wait to get away.

This benefited him as many houseguests were prone to confiding in him big secrets and information that he would keep to himself, without offering back his own secrets.If you could travel into the future or the past which would you choose and why? We are on the edge of some major technological advances. I would love to know what that will be four generations in the future.What do people from Calgary have that gives them an edge to win Big Brother Canada? There’s been four seasons and no one from Western Canada has won.His numerous competition wins, likability and the jury's lack of respect for fellow finalist Karen Singbeil won him the game.He won in a unanimous 9-0 vote, thus making him the first Big Brother Canada winner and second overall winner to win in a unanimous vote and play a Perfect Game.

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