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Mr Modi's failure to welcome Mr Trudeau dominated the Twitter hashtag #trudeauinindia and one user celebrated it as a "humiliation for a terrorist sympathiser". While on his visit to Gujarat, a Tribal and Tourism minister receives him at Ahmedabad airport.

This is absolute humiliation for a terrorist sympathizer.

He was also believed to have been a low-level member of a national white supremacist group called the Hammerskins.'This happens a lot where somebody will come to your attention and you do a preliminary investigation of the guy’s activities and nothing pans out,' said Bob Blitzer, a retired FBI agent who was the domestic counterterrorism chief for the FBI from 1996 to 1998.

"The Khalistani separatists use such forums to whip-up anti-India sentiments and disaffection. “That said, I completely disagree with the media construct that PM Trudeau is being cold shouldered.But the picture of Page that began to develop on Monday — found in dark corners of the Internet, in records from a dodgy Army career and throughout a life lived on the margins — suggested he was a white supremacist who wanted to see his beliefs advanced with action.He described himself as a member of the 'Hammerskins Nation', a skinhead group rooted in Texas that has branches in Australia and Canada, according to the SITE Monitoring Service, a Maryland-based private intelligence firm that searches the Internet for extremist activity.It is an issue that has affected the UK in the past, as some of the biggest supporters of an independent Sikh state are in the UK and Canada."The UK has taken steps to demonstrate unambiguously we have no sympathies.

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I’m hopeful that this meeting will help strengthen the close Indo-Canadian business ties as well as the deep-rooted people-to-people relations between our two countries. Amarinder Singh (@capt_amarinder) February 19, 2018 The temple was the scene of a controversial military operation to drive out Khalistani separatists in June 1984 which left hundreds dead.