Dating bald man

Posted by / 07-Oct-2017 11:28

“Obviously we all ‘perform’ gender to a certain extent, but the baseball cap only has these associations because we assign it that sporty jock meaning.

I’d assumed that hatfishing, like catfishing, required a certain intent to deceive, like the spurned lover who steals photos of Insta-hotties to trick an ex.Five years ago, a Gawker story notably called the baseball cap “the cheat of cheats — the easiest, most temporary way of projecting butchness in the entire Land of Gay.” If straight men hatfish to disguise a receding hairline, gay men, the argument goes, hatfish to also appear “straight-acting.” (The gag, of course, is that once you open your mouth and projectile vomit a glitter rainbow, the jig is up.) A 30-year-old communications director, Kevin owns four hats that he often wears after work and on the weekend — and, thus, on social media.Speaking with a modern internet user’s fluency around identity, he considers his hats utility more than a means to broadcast masculinity.“I met this guy at a party who was wearing a baseball cap the entire night, which I remember thinking was kind of weird,” says Aaron, a marketing director in his late 20s.“At one point I playfully pushed it off him, and he got really flustered and threw it right back on.

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“Because it’s not that he was looking to deceive me with his hat.