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Dating bridgewater pottery

Crucially, Portmeirion also reinstated the ‘Made in England’ stamp on the bottom of its famous ware purposely to ‘bring back some of the cachet that had been lost’.Emma Bridgewater’s Matthew Rice has previously championed the importance of ceramic backstamps: ‘’ This is not just about clever marketing.The company was founded by Emma Bridgewater in 1985, when she was looking for a birthday present for her mother.Wanting to buy a cup and saucer but being unable to find any she liked, Emma created her own.A decade or so ago, globalisation pressures led some pottery companies to outsource to Eastern Europe and the Far East in an attempt to reduce direct labour and production costs as a shortcut to enhancing shareholder profits.However, the wheels of globalisation have turned as the subsequent reputational loss suffered, allied to emerging economy wage rate increases has all but removed any perceived competitive advantages.It is about knowing what retailers and consumers want.

For it seems that place of manufacture is a key purchase requirement for discerning ceramics customers.

During a visit by Prince Andrew, a member of the British Royal Family, Emma discussed the brand's launch of its biggest ever collection of Royal commemorative ware to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

So, which of the following ceramics organisations is the odd one out: Aynsley, Burleigh, Emma Bridgewater, Steelite?

Not only is this comment myopic in the extreme, it also suggests to me that the company does not fully understand its target consumers or the markets in which it operates.

From a timing perspective, I would also argue that this relocation decision has missed the boat.

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Unsurprisingly given Matthew Rice’s belief that ‘people do like the idea of things made in England’, Emma Bridgewater has steadfastly refused to outsource overseas yet has grown its business and remains profitable by emphasising how ‘every piece is hand-made in Stoke-on-Trent’.