Dating china customs

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Dating china customs

Before the bride departs to the bridegroom's home, the "good luck woman" will lead her to the sedan chair.

On her way to the chair, one of her sisters will shield her with a red parasol, while another sister will throw rice at the sedan chair.

Picking a Wedding Date: An astrologist or astrology book would be consulted to select an auspicious date to hold the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony: On the selected day, the bridegroom departs with a troop of escorts and musicians, playing cheerful music all the way to the bride's home.

However, there is one more situation he has to negotiate with the bridesmaid and sisters of the bride - to distribute among them red packets containing money - in order to take his bride home.After the bride is escorted to the bridegroom's home, the wedding ceremony begins.Unlike Western tradition, the color red dominates traditional Chinese weddings.Then firecrackers will be set off to drive away evil spirits as the bride sits into the sedan chair.All along the way people make great efforts to avoid any inauspicious influence.

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The groom kneels at the ancestral altar as his father puts a cap decorated with cypress leaves on his head to declare his adulthood and his family responsibility. Usually a crowd of friends escorts the bridegroom and musicians play joyful tunes during the entire trip. In ancient times, a bridal sedan chair (or a decorated donkey due to poverty or bad traffic) would be used to transport the bride.

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