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Business Mailer Support (BMS), USPS Headquarters, must approve these systems.Unless authorized by Business Mailer Support, mailers may not commingle e VS mail with non-e VS mail within the same mailing or place e VS mail and non-e VS mail in or on the same mailing container.The authorization letter or service agreement must detail the USPS-approved quality control procedures.Mailings deposited under the MMS program must meet the standards for permit imprint mail in , except that presorted letter-size or flat-size mail produced using batch processing must include the qualified price abbreviation in the keyline.All pieces that qualify for more than one postage price must show each price category abbreviation, separated by a “/” (slash) (e.g., EB/DS).The keyline must be readily identifiable and placed anywhere on the address side that does not conflict with other standards (see .The numbers must be printed in overall ascending order, or in ascending order within each zone, 5-digit, 3-digit, or NDC ZIP Code area on the manifest.The mailer must submit an MMS application and supporting documentation as specified on the application to the postmaster of each Post Office where mailings will be deposited and under the publications as follows: Only MMS with an approved Minimum Volume Reduction Provision (MVRP) requires renewal.

Letter- and flat-size mail produced using batch processing must bear the keyline information in The mailer must implement a quality control program that ensures proper mail preparation and provides accurate documentation.

When mailpieces are mutilated, spoiled, or destroyed during normal operations and cannot be presented as part of the mailing, a method of adjusting the manifest and postage statement that has been approved by the USPS must be used.

Whether the method in The keyline printed on each piece of presorted letter- or flat-size First-Class Mail or USPS Marketing Mail produced using batch processing must contain, in order, the consecutive unique piece number, the weight increment (First-Class Mail only), the price category for which the piece qualifies, and the postage paid by weight and price category (see ).

Manifesting for International Mail is limited to Priority Mail International and First-Class Mail International.

For information on the minimum volume requirements and exceptions, see Publication 401, ).

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The USPS randomly selects pieces from the mailing and compares them to the manifest to determine if postage was accurately reported.