Dating community in cuba

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Dating community in cuba

Students traveling to Cuba must complete two copies of a Consent to Travel Statement, this document must be notarized and a hard copy must be returned to us by mail.

The student should travel with the other copy on their person when departing for and returning from their program.

Changes can be made for various reasons including changes in flight or program schedules, changes in the schedules of various external tours incorporated in our trips, the addition of new activities into a trip, or the substitution of an old activity for a new activity.

The itinerary shown here provides a good outline of the anticipated daily schedule for this program.

"It is the most magical thing happening in technology in Cuba because it's like a live organism.

“Add-On Activities” are not included in the cost of your program and must be paid for separately.

Add-on activities are rare, but include things like skydiving, bungee jumping, or weekend side-trips. For more information, email Access to internet will be very limited, as there is no Wi Fi at the hotels where we’ll stay.

By the end of 2015, ETECSA estimates that 150,000 people were getting online through the parks daily.

The available, but limited, internet access expanded the desire for networking at a time when Cubans who grew up playing video games were leaving high school and moving on to college.

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