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Dating date christian friends christian romances

After a nasty break-up, still wallowing in depression and confusion, I began to cry out to God for answers.“God, what am I doing wrong? But letting go of my right to make all my own decisions about relationships?

I just wasn’t sure if I was ready to give God much control.

After all, I was going to church, dating “Christian” guys, and committed to saving sex until marriage. Even though God wasn’t the centerpiece of my daily life, I assumed that I was still on good terms with Him. The thought of giving God complete control of my life, especially my love life, was a bit daunting.

But the fact that I kept getting my heart broken again and again finally made me wonder if I was doing something wrong. I didn’t really mind obeying certain Christian guidelines for dating, as long as I could still hold the pen and write the story myself.

Well, I’d like to offer you some tips of my own on how to find a godly marriage partner.Every week it seems, I encounter young women who are wrestling with thoughts like, Should I try a little harder to get a guy’s attention – maybe create a really nice profile of myself for an online dating service?Or spice up my Facebook page with some photos of myself in a swimsuit?I would have said that He was my highest priority – but in reality, I was far more preoccupied with guys, friends, and my social status. Suddenly I somehow knew that my life did not need to be this way and that God had something better for me. You must let Me become the center of your existence.I didn’t really see anything wrong with the way I’d chosen to live. I felt Him gently whisper these words to my soul: You continue to get your heart broken because you are holding the pen of your life and trying to write your own story. You must let Me have total control of your love life, and every other area of your life as well.

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After all, I’m not getting any younger, and I don’t want to wait forever!

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