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Dating email contact database

Many contact forms go through to a catch-all email address that is managed by a single person in house, and businesses tend to use contact forms for lead generation, so there’s a good chance your message will be ignored.

That’s not to say that all contact forms are going to result in an empty inbox, but it’s worth considering where you think your message is going to wind up before you use this generic method of getting in touch.

You can also search for the webmaster; this is particularly useful if you’re looking for a technical contact.This can be incredibly useful when you need to check you definitely have the right address.You could also use this tool to try a potential number of common email address combinations and click-through them until Rapportive tells you which one is connected to a Linked In account.This one can be tricky if you’re trying to get through to a specific journalist at a news publication, especially if they’re an editor, as many will have a news desk to manage enquiries for them.It can, however, be useful when getting in touch with someone at a company or business.

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Now you’ve decided that filling out a contact form isn’t the way to go, but you don’t have any name to go by on your prospect, what’s next?

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