Dating engagement customs egypt

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Dating engagement customs egypt

Marriage was the normal and most desirable state for Ancient Egyptians of both genders and all social classes.Athenian men evinced little respect or affection for women and delayed marriage until well into their thirties, but most Egyptian men were eager to follow the advice of the wisdom literature urging them to take a wife while still young so they could found a household and raise a family.Weddings in Ptolemaic Egypt were often accompanied by very elaborate parties, but there is nary a word from the Pharaonic period about a marriage ceremony.We may assume that there was a moment before which a couple was not married and after which they were married, but we have no clear evidence to tell us what happened.From that point on marriage deeds involve only the husband and the wife.

Egyptian men thought very highly of women and embraced the idea of marriage and seem to have regarded love as an essential part of it.

This has been taken as proof by a small handful of scholars that some sort of ceremony was required to make a marriage, but most would argue that the affair in question was nothing more than the initial meeting of the king and his future wife.

Egyptians loved a party and it is hard to imagine them ignoring such an obvious excuse, but not only is their no evidence of a ceremony, there is no evidence of a celebration either.

Herodotus wrote that no one wants to give their daughters in marriage to a swineherd.

The remark was meant as a comment on the low social standing of those who care for pigs, but there is the implication that parents had a choice in the matter.

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