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Dating girls in uruguay

Called , this component of the FGE project seeks to expand the boundaries of the current quota law, and bring it to the goal of full parity (50-50 gender representation).In the initial phase of this project, workshops were conducted in all the government departments of the country, including with the Assembly of Women of Montevideo, which convened more than 150 women.By 1922, the Pan-American Conference of Women named Paulina Luisi an honorary vice president of the meeting and she continued to be an activist until Uruguay gave women the right to vote.The abortion law of Uruguay is very liberal compared to the other Latin American countries.In relation to the political arena, UN Women reported that a 2012 study made by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) ranked Uruguay as being "103rd out of 189 countries in terms of representation of women in Parliament". Luisi was a leader of the feminist movement in the country of Uruguay.In 1909, she became the first woman in the country to obtain a medical degree and was highly respected.

Three civil society organizations spearheaded the high-profile campaign: "Cotidiano Mujer" [Daily Women], the National Monitoring Committee (CNS) and Women Citizens' Network (CIRE).The three feminist organizations saw the need to create spaces across the country for women to meet and discuss, to encourage trust and strengthen links between those aspiring to be candidates in the upcoming elections, those seeking leadership roles, and those active in civil society.In the current legislature, women account for only 13.1 per cent of the Uruguayan parliament.Cotidiano Mujer coordinator Lilián Celiberti says an important impact of this project was that, “The organization and visibility of the country's female politicians have been strengthened and it has encouraged them to submit their nominations for the next elections.With their "READY for the LISTS" banners, they are challenging the patriarchy in every one of the political parties and civil society forums.” Related links: Collection of commercials, "Do your bit for the quotas.

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“Personally, by taking part in this project, I've found myself again,” says Marta Piñeiro, who attended the workshops as a political and social activist from the Department of Rivera, in the north of Uruguay. we were reminded that we are realistic, but not pessimistic; that a better life for women also depends on our commitment and obstinacy; that this change is playing out on every street and every corner, and that we want to be part of this change, so we can look our mothers, our grandmothers and our daughters in the eye.

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