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Men and women in fancy dress queued at portable toilets and shower blocks.

At a selection of arts and crafts workshops, punters were taught everything from life drawing to making nipple tassels to writing erotic literature.

Spanning more than 100 acres and home to rare species of plants, fungi, birds and animals, Brokes Wood is one of rural Kent’s hidden gems.

Yet at the weekend, this haven of Home Counties tranquillity was shattered by the noise of non-stop dance music and the spectacle of a public orgy.Nothing really happened, and it didn’t go quiet until 2am.’Homeowners on the leafy lane that leads to Brokes Wood were bothered by scantily-clad revellers searching for the entrance to the festival site, which seems to have been insufficiently signposted.At the top of one driveway yesterday was a sign reading: ‘This gate leads to a private property.But the noise was awful,’ says Justin Funnell, who lives near by with his wife Joanne.‘We were told the music would go on until 11pm but we called the council noise pollution people at 11.20pm when we could still hear it.

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