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Dating love in oman

The abroadees also brought with them the liberal and open attitude of their host countries, including the idea of equal gender relations.Sultan Qaboos introduced many reforms funded mostly by the oil revenue, targeting development and social services.

In 2002, universal suffrage was granted to all Omanis over the age of 21.

Women now pursue careers and professional training, slowly moving from their previous household confinement to the public sphere.

In 1970, the political and social atmosphere of Oman changed with the advent of a new ruler, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, son of the conservative and rigid Said bin Taimur.

The ministers of higher education, tourism, and social development in the cabinet are all women, as well as the US Ambassador and the head of national authority for industrial craftsmanship.

The most common role for the Omani woman is still the role of housewife.

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The main goal of this unit was to set up classes for women to learn basic household skills and day-care centers for the handicapped and disabled.

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