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The reforms continue today and saw a tremendous growth in school attendance.

The gender equality was the next focus of the education reform, especially after Oman’s 1995 "Vision 2020" that focused on the country’s economic future.

In 1996, the Sultan issued "The Basic Law of the Sultanate of Oman" to serve as a form of written constitution.In 1997, the Omanisation Policy was implemented, committing to the promise of gradually replacing foreign labor dependence with Omani workers, giving women more of a chance to participate in the work force and making jobs more accessible to all Omanis.Women now make up 30% of the workforce and even serve in ministerial positions.Women in Oman were historically excluded from the forums of everyday life.But with the dispersal of Omanis in the early 1900s and their return in the early 1970s, a more contemporary population of Omanis that were influenced by the British colonial values during their time abroad have slowly challenged many traditions of gender segregation.

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The abroadees also brought with them the liberal and open attitude of their host countries, including the idea of equal gender relations.

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