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In addition, though the phrase was used up North in Yorkshire and Scotland it originated in the East End of London.Interestingly enough 'to take the mick' is from the same Irish word 'mickle' - to take the 'mickle'/ to take the 'penny' (i.e. Also you will still sometimes hear a London Black Cab driver use the word 'Muckle' to describe a large amount, for instance 'theres a Muckle to be made tonight' or 'theres a Muckle to be made if you do the hours', however disclosure of good earnings is usually only discussed in the confidence of another Cabbie. "There's many a mickle makes a muckle" is a spoof - it has no meaning.

And a "threesome" and "foursome" is not an exciting sexual encounter with multiple people, but the term used for a group of three and four players.

Or maybe you’re already in a relationship and want to talk about it?

In this video, you will learn common English phrasal verbs we use when we are talking about love and dating.

A Mickle is an Irish word for 'coin' and a Muckle is an old Cockney term (derived from old Yiddish slang) meaning a 'bundle'.

The phrase means to save each coin and create a bundle, i.e. In more modetn venacular it translates to 'save a penny, save a pound'.

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