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I’m not sure if the cause is ignorance about the spec changes or that Webkit hasn’t caught up with those changes yet (but it will, soon).

The only one that supported values out of range was this one from the Opera Dragonfly developers, but I found it kinda impossible to adapt.

Lots of things: Given that this tool is not only for developers, but for badass developers that care about stuff like cubic-bezier(), I think I can safely assume they’re using a top notch browser.

So, I went crazy with using cool modern stuff: So far, I’ve tested it in modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari and it seems to work.

Imagine a melange of self-help (the “Revenger Quiz” gauges your level and style of vindictiveness), satire (a recipe for “the cold dish of revenge” includes “one hot thong he’ll never see you in”), history and psychology, written in the tone of a chick-lit novel.”“... Nagorski’s book is filled with opportunities for readers to learn something new and laugh out loud in the process...

After 3-4 days, I finished it, and got it its own domain, (I was surprised it was still free).

And she closes the book with a chapter on the virtues of forgiveness as the best revenge of all.”The Boston Globe January 2, 2010The Self-Help Shelf: A quick guide to the 2009’s books that tell you how to fix - or find - a relationship Maclean’s Magazine July 6, 2009How to get revenge on a cheater: Some creative ways for betrayed wives to hit an ex where it hurts“The book...

vacillates between outlandish stories to commentary by academics on the merits and dangers of getting revenge.

The first of those things was how you can do bouncing transitions with cubic-bezier() instead of an easing keyword.

As usual, my slides included a few live demos of the functionality, in which I edited the cubic-bezier() parameters and the audience could see the transition produced.

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A few days ago, I had a talk at a conference in Zurich (I’m going to write more about it in another post).

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